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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hot De La Cruz Alpha Males

   ~ De La Cruz Saga Hot Latin Alpha Males  ~

 Los primos embodies Jose Enrique, Nicolás, Alejandro Andres, Christian Arturo, Sebastian Antonio, Ricardo Emmanuel, and Francisco Javier. Los primos have always been exceedingly close. They are la familia’s hijos and have always done todo together.
 ~ Hot & Spicy ~
Jose Enrique De La Cruz is the eldest of los primos. He is expected to introduce his fiancée to la familia the company anniversary celebration. He meets Jessica Maria and falls hard into hot tantalizing ecstasy. Jose Enrique and his amor are plunged into action, danger, and suspense. The bachelor and familia fight to resist the deadly Mexican Cartel.
Small nibble ~ 
Jose Enrique pulls back groaning as he realizes that she
didn’t have any panties on. He gazes into her ojos as his manocontinues up and in between her silky thighs. I can feel how hot,
how moist she is for me. He continues to softly, gently part hersilky hot flesh, and slowly touches her hot essence. He sees herclose her ojos, moans into his ear.He feels her instant hot reaction to his touch, loving her. Shetightly clutches him driving him loco. He is barely able to controlhis desire. He closes his ojos, gently pulls his mano out bringingit up to his lips. Jose Enrique then opens his ojos, gazes intoJessy’s ojos, and slowly consumes her essence. Jessy whimpers
with need. 
 ~ Hot & Enchanting ~ 
Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz is the sexy alpha playboy of la familia and is an attorney.  He’s one of the managers in la De La Cruz familia’s company. He’s constantly having fun with all of the chicas that chase him.  They have been chasing him his entire life.   
Ricky literally runs into Jacqueline Cortez in the hallway. She’s a bella, shy, and quiet certified public accountant that works for la familia. Jacqueline turns his world upside down.
Small nibble ~
This bella chica is pushing me away. She’s walking away from me. What is happening? This is amazing, ponders Ricky with disbelief.     
 ~ Hot & Forbidden ~
Nicolas De La Cruz is the second eldest of los primos. Nick left a few years ago to work in another state. Los primos don’t know why he decided to leave. He told los primos that he wanted to know that he can make it on his own. Los primos are still mystified and have missed him immensely.   
 Small taste ~
          Nick, I’m such a crybaby lately, and I love you.  I want to shout to the entire world that you’re todo mio,” whispers Danni, pulling him down for a hungry beso. “I need you.” she says, undoing his pants and pulling him out.
          Oh, mi amor is killing me, thinks Nick, pulling up her skirt and pulling off her panties. Yeah, she’s so ready, he thinks. Nick sinks his aching shaft into her tight hot heart, kissing her with todo his amor.   
 ~ Hot & Adorable ~
Alejandro Andres De La Cruz is also known as el doctor Alex. La familia is truly proud of Alex. Alex is always there to help his primos in everything and anything. He’s hot, sexy and a charmer. He falls hard for Carolina Crystal Reyes a young medical assistant. Alex keeps Carolina in the shadows until he almost loses her. The threat forces him to recognize his feelings.
Small crumb ~
Somehow I have kept Carolina in the shadows. She has been in my life for a while and it’s not right to keep her in the dark. I haven’t made any effort to introduce her to mi familia, ponders Alex.     
 ~ Hot & Wild ~
Christian Arturo De La Cruz, or Chris, is a Navy SEAL. Chris lives for excitement. Chris loves it when the risk is great, dangerous, and complex.  He trips into Monique Acosta, a new employee at the familia company. She doesn't know that Christian is Navy Seal and a De La Cruz.  She thinks that Christian is just another employee-a delivery guy. Monique has her heart set on meeting a De La Cruz.  Can Christian conquer Monique’s alma (soul) even if she thinks he’s only a Cruz ?
Small crumb ~ 
 I am so impressed with la familia run Company.  All of the managers are primos.  There is only one available bachelor now that two of them are taken.
This last Monday there was a whole page written up on the engagement of the CEO Jose Enrique De La Cruz and the elopement of one of the other manager Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz. It was big news because they are considered to be rich, young, and handsome eligible bachelors.
There is only one bachelor that remains that works in la Familia Company. The news media also made a point to write a column on Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz, contemplates Mona.  
      ~ Hot & Naughty  ~      
Francisco Javier De La Cruz is the bebe en la familia. Javier decided to go into the Navy to explore different options and explore the world. However, Javier is still not sure if he wants to make the Navy a career or return to school. Francisco Javier is young, sexy and full of life. He’s in the Navy, but he is anxious to end his service. Javier is on leave when he falls hard for a young chica spending some hot moments with her. Gabriella Acosta anxiously awaits his return, before la familia learns  her secret. 
 ~ Hot & Spoiled  ~   
Sebastian Antonio is the familia architect. He’s a classic traditional macho Mexicano. He enjoys being single until los primos start falling in love. He starts to contemplate on seeking the chica of his dreams. Cynthia walks into his life demanding, independent, and unconventional rocking his world.    
Awesome nibble ~
“Look niña I’m not your toy and you’re not my boss” he says with anger flashing in his hazel eyes, attempting to control his body reaction to her. Dios mio she has me all worked up with just one beso. I have never felt this strong pasion before with any other chica, contemplates Tony. 
Cynthia looks into his beautiful hazel eyes full of pasion and anger. Wow he’s furious and he’s not joking. I love it. He’s real and all hombre , she thinks touching his jaw with the tip of her finger. Oh he’s so beautiful and I can feel him tremble. I can devour him right now, thinks Cynthia.
She’s hot, sexy, and makes me burn like no one ever did. I just can’t be with her. She’s a spoiled demanding chica and I will not be her toy, deems Tony  taking deep breaths walking away from her.     
                                ~ De La Cruz Saga ~
Hot & Spicy              3-9-12      Jose Enrique &Jessica Maria
Hot &Forbidden        10/12       Nicolas & Daniella
Hot & Enchanting     12/12       Ricardo Emmanuel &Jacqueline
Hot Angel                 2013         Erica &Gabriel
Hot & Wild               2013         Christian Arturo & Monique
Hot &Adorable         2012        Alejandro Andres & Carolina
Hot & Sexy               2013         Patricia &Carlos
Hot &Spoiled            2012        Sebastian Antonio &Cynthia
Hot & Lovable          2013        Isabella &Gregory
Hot & Sassy              2013        Veronica &Christopher
Hot &Dangerous      2013        Claudia & Roberto
Hot & Naughty         2013        Javier & Gabriella

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