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Friday, September 28, 2012

Portrait Of Our Marriage

Dear readers we have author Martha Emms visiting to talk about her new book that is about the addiction of porn. Martha, please tell us a little bit about yourself.    

I was born in Sacramento but my Father was in the Air Force so we moved around a lot. I have three adult children and I love nature and animals. My cats are my babies now, LOL. I enjoy cooking, baking, the beach, art, movies, and learning new things. I’m a graphic designer and an avid reader who enjoys all genres.
Martha please tell us how you decided to enter the world of writing? 
The impulse was always there even from a very young age. I would write for a while and then quit. After giving up so many times I had a very strange experience after watching Oprah on TV. The episode was about men addicted to porn. As I watched I thought that they looked like normal men. Not like men you’d imagine to be addicted to porn. When I went to sleep that night I had a dream and it was like watching a movie. It was so real that when I woke up I thought I should write about it. One of my sons was an actor then and I believed I’d read so many scripts that I’d write a screenplay. Ha, easier said than done. I couldn't get it down right and for a while I gave up again. Time passed and then I watched another episode on Oprah with Joel Osteen as her guest. He talked about God wanting us to succeed. That sometimes ideas come to us but we let things in our life defeat us or people talk us out of our dream and so we give up. But we should believe in ourselves and not give up. He didn’t say that verbatim but that was the jest. The show encouraged me and I joined a writing group where I decided to write the dream story into a book.
Martha we do have that in common, I also had dreams about all of my books, lol. Martha what does your family think of your writing? 
They’re behind me. My youngest son is always pushing me. If he sees me reading a magazine or watching TV he will tell me to write and ask me how things are coming.
Where do you get your ideas? 
Things are always popping in my head not just about books but ideas for things. But as with this story I am a dreamer and I dream like I’m watching a movie. I’m lucky that way because I still remember them when I wake up. It’s nice to know the story but I still have to put it into words, LOL. That’s the hard part.
Can you tell us a little about your book? 
The story is about a woman, Nicky, and her journey to find herself. When she meets the man of her dreams she envisions their life together. She’s insecure and somewhat shy while Brett, her dream man is adventurous and outgoing. The story follows their marriage over the years through events as Brett’s interest in porn turns from a mere interest into an obsession. As the story progresses we see how it affects their marriage and changes both him and her.
What is your writing process? 
Ideas pop into my head all the time so I write them down to make sure I don’t forget them. I can write anywhere but it flows more easily for me in the evening or wee hours of the morning. Most of the time the story just takes off while I’m writing and some times where it leads can even surprise me.
What was the hardest part for you when working on your book? 
I didn’t have enough knowledge or personal experience to do the story justice. I had what I saw in the dream but I needed words and emotion to tell the story and I didn’t have money to pay a professional for their knowledge. I read from different sites online but that still wasn’t what I needed. Most of what I found online was for and about men dealing with the issue. So I typed up little blurbs asking anyone who had had any experience with their husbands or boyfriends being addicted to porn to write or call me, leaving my personal contact information also. I cut up these little slips and dropped them off in stores by women’s personal or clothing items, things that women would buy. I just set them on top of items or tucked them in. I honestly didn’t expect I’d hear back from anyone but a good amount returned. There were about eight really good ones with such touching private information. It really helped me to understand and feel what they were going through. One thing they all had in common was in the beginning they all felt like it was their fault. They wondered if it was something they’d done to cause it. That was the hardest part for me trying to get the information. And then once I had it the other difficult part was keeping it true to how this addiction can affect couples from the wife’s point of view. I needed this to be real and not hide any of what could happen. Some of where the story took me scared me a little, because as I wrote it I had a sense that people would judge me, call me sick and possibly hateful names for writing it. There are some scenes that will seem pretty out there to some if not everyone, LOL.
What influenced or inspired you to write? 
I think pretty much anything can inspire me to write. The potential for a story is as endless as ones imagination you just have to use your senses. Listen, see, hear, taste, and smell. As a child I was always making up stories so my Mom, Martha always wanted me to be a writer. She would tell me to write from my heart. My Aunt Emma would say to stir the pot. Get people talking. Both of them were a big influence. I’m using the pen name Martha Emms in honor of them.
Was there a scene that you didn’t add or you removed in your finished work? 
Yes, I actually wrote three different endings, LOL.  
Do you have a favorite character (from you're book)? 
I like Nicky because she knows her boundaries and believes in her marriage. But I enjoyed the women in the women’s group she attends. They are all such different characters with different belief systems and personalities. I can picture them in my head and I smiled whenever I wrote about them.
Do you already know what to write next? 
Yes, I’ve already started my next book. Can you tell us? I’m a coma survivor and I’ll be using some of that experience with twists, of course, to be intertwined in my next story.
Where can we find more information about you and your books? 
My book is out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble now. In about 2-4 weeks it will be available through CreateSpace.
Portrait of Our MarriageDo you have any last words? 
Ah, the famous last words every author dreams of, “I hope people will read my book.” It really is a journey. There are parts that are fun, sexy, hot, erotic, compelling, and shocking. I hope that readers will be drawn into Nicky’s life. I truly want them to feel the experience and for that reason I don’t describe her. Other than brown hair there are no definitive descriptions of her. Almost every book today dealing with women describes them as the perfect sexy woman. And I’m not saying that Nicky isn’t all that but I want women as they read to not be distracted by her looks and to see her as they want her to be. Everyone of us no matter what we look like or what we believe in can feel pleasure, be hurt, know frustration, feel trapped, experience betrayal, and know pain. I want women to feel like this could be them. This could be their story.
Thank you Martha for sharing your writing process and your work. I know that a lot of readers will be interested in learning more about this hot topic, addiction to porn. It was a pleasure learning more about you. 

Fun Questions,lol.  
I want to buy? 
A home.
My favorite precious stone is? 
Diamonds and rose quartz.
I want to meet? 
Ken Follett and Robyn Carr. Why? I’d love to hear their voices, what they speak like and hear about what inspires their books. And Tom Cruise, just because :)
I want to invite my Mom to dinner. Why? 
Because she’s gone and if I could just have one more time to be with her. It’s been three years since she passed away and I still miss her every day. She was an amazing woman. She was kind, generous, and thoughtful to everyone.
My dream is to? 
Write and have people want to read what I write!  I used to be a volunteer tutor working with children who had reading disabilities and it would be nice to inspire more people to read.
My favorite book is? 
Tough question, but I would have to say The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk, it was the first book I read that I couldn’t put down. I didn’t want it to end. His characters came alive on the pages. I also, really liked the Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. I felt like I was right there in the scenes as I read it. I have many favorite authors too! I can’t pick one above the other because they each fill a different fantasy when I read their work: Ken Follett, Robyn Carr, Jill Shalvis, Debbie Macomber, Tom Clancy, Lawrence Sanders, Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Jodi Thomas, Constance O’Banyon, and Bobbi Smith just to name a few :)
Coming soon to CreateSpace but available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Twitter  @barbiesway                                                


Jason and Reed had moved our tent to a secluded area further down the creek so we could enjoy privacy on our honeymoon. I was not a virgin, and Brett and I already knew each other intimately, but still there was a nervousness that filled the tent. Thinking about it I was thankful that was all behind us. A virgin. Who wants to be sore at a time when you’re supposed to enjoy lots of sex? And who wants to be married to someone who might not be sexually compatible with you? Not me. I was glad I had already been with Brett. Still, I was feeling anxious. This would be the first time we’d be making love as man and wife.
Alone in the tent, I stripped naked and pulled out the honeymoon gift Beth left for me. Pulling up the cute white lace panties I reached around my back and tied the rear ruffled bow. The sexy white negligee had a loose neckline that fell low in the front and three bows that tied in the back. It felt wonderfully soft and silky, sending tingles across my skin as I slipped it over my head and it glided lightly across my body.
Brett was washing off in the creek. He entered the tent wearing white boxers, which while accentuating his tan also made him look very hot and sexy. The look on his face when he saw me, and the way his strong arms, muscular thighs, and flat ripped abs shone in the lantern light, were my undoing. My insides quivered. I wanted him so much.
His voice husky, he moved toward me. “You look beautiful, Mrs. Ketchum!” he said, his look of admiration devouring me.
My breath caught in my throat, “So do you, my husband.”
Brett’s arms were quickly around me, he held me as we gazed at each other. For a moment we simply looked into each other’s eyes. Beholding, searching the depths. His pupils widened, opening the window to his soul. Love, passion, or magnetic attraction, whatever it is that draws each of us into that trusting, loving, and believing behavior we seek in each other, it was all there, reflecting in his eyes as well as mine.
We embraced close enough that I felt a huge bulge, more than what I felt normally, harden and protrude from below. I moved back and looked at him, my questioning eyes went downward towards his boxers and he laughed out loud.
A hearty laugh! “It’s ah, something of a surprise for you from Beth,” he chuckled. “I actually feel pretty silly but she wanted me to gift wrap it for you.”
A puzzled expression spread across my face.
He moved away, turned his back to me and dropped his drawers, exposing his wonderfully chiseled ass. Then he turned to face me. His penis had a large white silk bow tied around it. Wrapped. It was actually wrapped. His penis was totally wrapped like a miniature mummy with a silk sash that tied into a bow at the top. I gasped and couldn’t control the laughs that escaped my lips.
Clapping my hands I exclaimed, moving forward, “I . . . am really going to have to find a special way to thank Beth. I love presents, especially those with bows on them.” I gently grabbed the bow while holding the wrapped appendage and pulled one of the tails loose. Undoing the bow, I began a slow unwrapping of my gift, torturing the bearer. Once unwrapped, I kissed the head. Yes, the one below. It wiggled and bounced upward.
“Not now,” I said. “That will come later.” And I tossed the ribbon to the ground.
Brett rubbed his hands over the silky material of my negligee. “This feels nice, soft,” he murmured, turning me so he faced my back. Carefully, he began untying the bows on the back of the nightgown.
“That’s one,” he said as he moved to untie the next bow. “That’s two,” he said nuzzling in between the silky fabric. His mouth pressed against me. He took his time, placing kisses across my back. “Hmm, and here’s three,” he untied the bow by the arch of my back then pushed the gown totally open.
The gown fell to the front; it slid down over my shoulders and across the tips of my breast as it fell to the ground. His palms glided down, caressing my sides and waist, then his mouth grazed across my skin, his breath hot. He slumped down onto his knees, untied the bow right over my butt, grabbed my panties, and pushed the fabric open, granting him access. He whispered, “That’s four.” Then he grabbed each buttock cheek, placed kisses slowly on each one until he ran his tongue up my lower back where he found a spot and sucked, pulling gently. I could feel the burn of my blood rising to the outer layer of my skin.
Parting my legs only slightly his finger entered me. Feeling my wetness, he moaned, “Mmmm, you’re so warm. You feel so wonderful, like honey. You’re almost ready.” He proceeded to suckle four areas by the dimpled area of my lower back, branding me with hickeys while fingering me, stimulation that sent me over the edge.
I could stand no more and turned to face him. Grabbing the front of my panties he pulled them down. He kissed me there. Parting my legs, his tongue entered flickering and teasing. He began his loving assault. My hands on his head, the side of his face, I held him to me and begged, “I . . . want, want . . .”
“What do you want, tell me?” He asked as he brought me down with him, on top of the sleeping bags.
“Oh God Brett, I want you. Only you!” I cried out.
I lay back naked, aroused, and open under his gaze. Cupping the mounds of my breasts he licked, sucked, bringing them to life. They were pink, pointed, puffy, and throbbing. I ached for him, my hips wiggled to seduce him as he held himself over me, and then, in a frenzy, we joined. It was if he took control of my body and I was his. Our thrusting became a playful form of sexual sparring. We laughed, giggled, and moaned, sweating profusely. When Brett could go no more, both of us were fulfilled and complete. The hot mound between my legs was now swollen with a heartbeat of its own, still vibrating from our coming. Nothing was as wonderful as a well-loved body. It was like being reborn. Cradled in Brett’s arms, my one arm rested across his chest, I smiled a most contented smile. This man was my husband.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Harvester

Hi Lynn, welcome. It's awesome to have you here. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you decided to enter the world of writing? What does your family think of your writing? Where do you get your 
I’m an older lady who loves to write. I have two kids, both sons and grown, and two grandsons. I’m living in Vienna, Austria right now as my husband has a wonderful job with a UN affiliated group. We’ll be here another couple of years. I started writing when I was twelve years old and never wanted to do anything different. But, my parents had other plans for me, so I went into the world of nursing then geology along with computers. About six years ago, my husband made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I’m been writing full time ever since.
Can you tell us a little about your book? 
Here’s the blurb: Princess Sky Xera Nerezsh came to earth to avoid the normal succession path to the throne. Being the oldest daughter, she will be required to murder her mother in order to secure her path to power. Sky loves her mother and refuses this path, choosing instead to disappear in the vast reaches of space. When her past collides with her present, she has to think quick on her feet, claim two men and a whole planet just to avoid the inevitable: a meeting with her mother. Along the way, she discovers true love and a burning need to be there for them always. Now if the other Harvesters can just keep to themselves, they’ll have no problems. But who said true love was ever easy.
The book sounds real interesting and different. I will have to check it out, lol. What is your writing process? 
I’m not sure I have a process as I tend to be a pantser by nature. I just sit down and write. Recently, I’ve gotten into the habit of deciding how long the book will be, the number of chapters and then exactly what I expect to happen in those chapters. I make it a general outline and mainly refer to it when I feel myself wavering from the storyline. The one thing I’m very consistent about is that I’m at my desk every day unless I’m ill. And I always make a ‘To Do’ list for the next day. Otherwise, shiny objects tend to make me go off course. For example, if I’m writing a sci-fi book of any subgenre and I need to do a little research, I have to set a time limit otherwise I’d research all day. LOL! 
What was the hardest part for you working on your book? 
I tend to write fast and most of the time there really isn’t a hard part. There have been times when the book hasn’t gone the way I want it and I’ll put it aside as I figure out how to fix it. With some books, it’s very hard to say goodbye to the characters. Those books usually have a spinoff book or story.
Oh yeah, I can relate to this. The characters become our babies, lol. What influenced or inspired you to write? 
I would say that my first influence was Gone With The Wind as I just loved that book. All I did was read when I was a kid and dream of far away places. My mother used to tell me I was going to turn into a book. Next to books would be movies. I just love the visuals of a great love story but many times, I’d say to myself that I could write something similar. So I’ve been working at it ever since!
Was there a scene that you didn’t add or remove in your finished work? No, my books pretty much stay in the condition I send them to my editors in as far as scenes go. I am very meticulous about order.
Do you have a favorite character (from you're book)? Why? 
I love all the characters in my latest book. Probably the one I most identify with would have to be the Queen or mother character. She has a lot of me in it.
Do you already know what to do next? Can you tell us? 
I normally work on about five books at a time. Like I said, I try to make sure I never get bored...LOL! Right now, I’m working on another sci-fi romance and the characters really haven’t told me whether to expect it to be erotic or not. I know they like each other but it’s still up in the air. It’s the book that I’m using for my Six Sentence Sunday and I plan to have two sixes from each chapter up there. It was supposed to be out last month but I’m still getting over the illness I had in May and it’s made it nearly impossible to concentrate. I plan to definite get it out in October and have a bunch of free days at Amazon. I’m also working on two books for my two publishers and another for new submission to a publisher I’ve never tried before. Then I have another book about Scotland I plan to have finished soon. I’ll be giving details on my blog and or website in the coming months.
Wow Lynn, you are really busy, lol. Where can we find more about you and your books? 
My website and blog have been revamped! I’d love all the readers to go and let me know what they think. I plan to have a big Christmas celebration this year, so everyone should stop by and see what I’m giving away. Here’s the links: 
Fun Questions- answer what you want, lol. J
I love weekends because 
I can sleep in and no one expects me to do anything! 
I hate hate and people’s negative attitudes.
I want to buy  a new house! LOL!
My favorite song is  I really don’t have one BUT I love to listen to movie themes. Like right now I’m listening to the original soundtrack from the first Conan. Inspiring!
My favorite precious stone is amethyst.
I want to travel to, why I want to travel the whole 50 states so that I can learn a little about each one. I’m in Europe right now and we’ve been traveling around, so unfortunately, it’s lost its appeal for me. The only other place I’d love to visit are tropical islands for short stays.
I want to meet   ----------- ,  why The director of the UN so I can tell him how to do it better...LOL!
I want to invite   -------------- to dinner, why President Obama so that I can assure him that he’s doing the best he can under the current circumstances.
My dream is to have an assistant to keep my calendar and do my promo. LOL!
My favorite book is Still, after all these years, I’d have to say Gone With The Wind. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t have favorite ones right now...I read about 2-5 books a week...but that’s my favorite of all time.
Do you have any last words?
I’d really love everyone to come and see me. I have a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account and I yap all the time at people. I love hearing from readers and what they think about my stories.
Lynn thank you so much for visiting and sharing all about your work. It was a pleasure learning a little about you.  I look forward to reading your books.
The Harvester

Word Count: approximately 42,000 words

Logline: Sky Nerezsh, a Harvester of men, leaves home avoiding a tragic path when a rival comes to claim Earth and the two Scottish lifemates she’s just discovered.

Blurb: Princess Sky Xera Nerezsh came to earth to avoid the normal succession path to the throne. Being the oldest daughter, she will be required to murder her mother in order to secure her path to power. Sky loves her mother and refuses this path, choosing instead to disappear in the vast reaches of space. When her past collides with her present, she has to think quick on her feet, claim two men and a whole planet just to avoid the inevitable: a meeting with her mother. Along the way, she discovers true love and a burning need to be there for them always. Now if the other Harvesters can just keep to themselves, they’ll have no problems. But who said true love was ever easy.
Book Excerpt:
Suddenly one dark haired man was on the table in front of her, gyrating his sexy hips in her face, his package mere inches from her mouth. In another life, she would have leaned forward and planted her lips on his crotch, willing his body to perform. She really should have been paying more attention to the situation around her instead of wondering about where Angela had gotten herself.
Leaning down, his breath reminded her of the sweetgrass that grew on her home planet of Tyrsati, heightening her senses even more. “Sweetheart, I see how you want me...it’s written all over your face.” His voice purred in her ear.
Sky gasped and pulled back to get a better look at the man in front of her. He reminded her of the gods of Vada. He was tall, well-muscled, dark hair brushing the top of his shoulders and had the most incredible violet eyes she had ever seen. Guess the optics weren’t wrong. He would fetch an exquisite price on Texra and her mother would be extremely proud for her acquisition. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs.
“Nice eyes, sweetie – hang around after the show – I’ll make it worth your while.” His voice hit a resonance with her and her whole body flushed. It had been years since she had reacted to any man. Now her emotions and body betrayed her for an insignificant being on an outer planet. She shook her head. This planet was no more insignificant than any other, including her own but she knew if she didn’t get herself under control, the Harvester in her would take over. Old habits die hard.
“Don’t let his demeanor fool you, luvey. He just wants to get into your pants.” Another deep voice reverberated close to her ear.
She glanced over her shoulder and again her breath was nearly taken away as she looked into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen in the galaxy bar none. The sky of Octa couldn’t hold a candle to the color that swirled in their depths.
“Ooo, Jaxon is right about the eyes. Very cool green.”
“Contacts,” Sky managed to get out for the second time this evening, her voice low.
“And a sexy voice to boot. Very nice.” He twirled away to join his companion on stage. He was just as nice looking as the first guy but just a little shorter. His shiny hair swung around his jaw line as he moved and her hands ached to run her fingers through it and over his body.
She sat there stunned as the people at her table laughed and clapped her on the back as if she’d done some sort of fantastic feat. While her time on this planet had been very thrilling, in her old life working for her mother, their performances had to be impeccable or their fate might be worse than death. She vaguely wondered just how she’d rate them.
Sky did her best to smile and act as if what happened was one of the most exciting things in her life when in reality it brought back some memories she’d rather forget. Folding her hands in front of her, she closed her eyes and steadied her breathing. She opened her eyes slow and caught a glimpse of a targeting laser. The light was in a part of the spectrum that no one of this planet could even see but her optics caught it.
Scanning the crowd, she allowed her eyes to whirl, not caring who saw. There were not supposed to be any Harvesters on this world as it had been declared too primitive to even be included in the Alliance of Planets. She came here because she knew this was the one place her mother wouldn’t think to look. Now, she knew another Tyrsatian walked the same world as she did, occupying the very same room.
Maybe it was time to see just what type of trouble Angela got herself into. Leaning across the table, she quickly gave Jayne her phone number and said her goodbyes to all the others present. Rising slowly, she didn’t want to alert the other Harvester but she was just far enough away and at a weird angle to not see who it might be. Moving quickly to the back wall, she moved to where she stood way behind the woman but close enough to see who it was.
Jesata Ardik. Of all the Harvesters to show up on her new home planet, one of the most relentless in the business had to land on her new home. This wasn’t going to be easy. She had to delay her from marking them because once they were marked, it didn’t matter wherever in the universe they were, they would be considered fugitives until captured and sold to the highest bidder. Meaning, she wouldn’t be able to get them off world without the help of her mother.
Buy Links:

Lynn Crain has penned over 25 novels in  romance in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and contemporary romance, erotic to tame in nature. She always knew that writing was her calling even if it took years at other professions to prove it. She has belonged to EPIC and RWA for more years that she cares to think about. Currently, she lives in Europe while her husband of nearly 30 years pursues his dream of working internationally. Her state-side home is in Nevada where family and friends wait patiently for their return. You can find her hanging out at A Writer In Vienna Blog (www.awriterinvienna.blogspot.com) and various other places on the net (www.theloglineblog.blogspot.com; www.twitter.com/oddlynn3 ; www.lynncrain.blogspot.comwww.facebook.com/oddlynn3 ) as well as her website www.lynncrain.com. Still, the thing she loves most of all is hearing from her readers at lynncrain@cox.net.

NOTE: This is an erotic menagé novel with EXPLICIT language and adult situations.

Review Links:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Indulgent Blog Hop Sept. 16 ~ 22

Welcome to the Indulgent Blog Hop and enjoy the Romance!

Every women dreams with amor, kisses, and passion. 

We dream of indulging in 

romance with the hot alpha 


The joy of passion and of being 

spoiled with the strawberries,

chocolate, and oh yeah the 

whip cream. 

Hot & Spicy
 small taste
Jessy shivers. He’s so hot, y he’s burning up. His passion is
dragging me with him. Jessy feels his mano go under her skirt y
feels him stop with surprise. Jessy starts to grin. I know he didn’t
expect me not to have panties on. I truly couldn’t resist teasing
him, y he makes me feel so sexy.
Jose Enrique pulls back groaning as he realizes that she
didn’t have any panties on. He gazes into her ojos as his mano
continues up and in between her silky thighs. I can feel how hot,
how moist she is for me. He continues to softly, gently part her
silky hot flesh, and slowly touches her hot essence. He sees her
close her ojos, moans into his ear.
He feels her instant hot reaction to his touch, loving her. She
tightly clutches him driving him loco. He is barely able to control
his desire. He closes his ojos, gently pulls his mano out bringing
it up to his lips. Jose Enrique then opens his ojos, gazes into
Jessy’s ojos, and slowly consumes her essence. Jessy whimpers
with need.
“Are you hungry, mi amor? Do you want to eat?” asks Jose
Enrique as he slowly moves his mano down under her skirt
again. He goes to the center of her, touching her hot essence once
again. He brings his mano to his lips to taste her.

 Indulge in Hot & Forbidden.

Meet Nicolas De La Cruz and Daniella De La Cruz
Nicolas De La Cruz is hot, intense, and captivating. He’s in love with Daniella De La Cruz. Daniella is his cousin. Can they overcome the barriers that threaten their amor? La familia has a secret. Can this be the key that will set their love free? 
Tiny morsel ~
Hmmm, mi primo is finally realizing that Danni is always en casa. He doesn’t have a clue when and where she sees her novio. After all of these years, la familia is finally wondering about Danni’s novio. This is unreal. What if her novio was a jerk that had her really controlled, and they didn’t even know anything about him.
Yeah, I think that we need to start planning our escape before someone figures out it’s me. I know that the entire familia will be pissed off at us and most likely it will be worse for me since I’m el hombre.
Damn it, I need to pray that Dios will help us out. Si, after being together all of this time, I will die if we’re forced to stay apart. I know that mi Danni es mi vida, es mi mujer, contemplates Nick.
Hot & Enchanting
Ricardo Emanuel De La Cruz

Ricardo Emanuel De La Cruz is the sexy alpha playboy of la familia and is an attorney. He’s one of the managers in the familia’s company. He’s constantly having fun with all of the chicas that chase him. They have been chasing him his entire life. 
Ricky literally runs into Jacqueline Cortez in the hallway. She’s a bella, shy, and quiet certified public accountant that works for la familia. Jacqueline turns his world upside down.
Small nibble ~
This bella chica is pushing me away. She’s walking away from me. What is happening? This is amazingponders Ricky with disbelief. 

Please leave a comment to win a prize and visit the blogs in this awesome blog hop! ☺

The following disclaimer will be on the blog hop (tweaked for each hop) from now on. I highly encorage you for legal reasons to put this in your post. I will send it out for each hop.

Comment by 11:59:59 PM Eastern time on __________ for your chance to win. ________ winners will be selected randomly using a Random.org. Winners will be
contacted by the blog owner by ________. Only one entry per ISP address. The contest is _______ to international readers. No purchase necessary to enter. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Void where prohibited.
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Captive In The Game

Captive In The Game by Maria Piork

We have Maria Piork, Author

Maria tell us a little bit about yourself --
My name is Maria Piork and I’m married and have two adult children and two canine friends.   I was raised in Queens, NY, but moved out west in the mid 90’s and currently live in Gilbert, Arizona a suburb of Phoenix.  By trade I’m a Technical Writer and have been doing it for several years, but Romance is where my heart is.

How did you decided to enter the world of writing?
Well, I’ve been told over the years that I inherited my love of writing from my grandmother, so I guess it was in my DNA all along.  I’ll tell you though that getting where I am today has been a long journey, a journey that has transcended not only time, but also language barriers and continents, sort of (South America).  See when I began writing I lived in Santiago, Chile and back then I wrote in Spanish.  Shortly after arriving in the states however, I embraced the English language immediately. I remember spending an entire summer with my Spanish/English dictionary learning new words and writing them down for practice. 
In my early days of writing I was dedicated mainly to poems, but as I got older I began tinkering with romance. The material got a warm welcome from family and friends and this encouraged me to keep writing.

What does your family think of your writing?
Well, I can honestly say that my immediate family, children and spouse have embraced my writing and have come to understand that this is where my passion lays.  The rest of the family (parents, siblings, uncles, etc.) is supportive and have read several of my stories, but my family is sort of divided as it pertains to the spicy, racy content.  My father and my son have told me that they love me for following my dream to be romance writer, but they have no intention of reading of my material and honestly I am okay with that.

Where do you get your ideas?
I draw inspiration from lots of different sources, most of them from everyday people I interact with, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, etc.  I have even found good writing material just listening to the news.  Many a time I hear something in the media that catches my attention and I say to myself, “Hmmm, I got to write about that.”

Can you tell us a little about your book? 
My latest published eBook is titled Snowed In and it is a Contemporary Romance short story. 
The story revolves around a young woman named Nina Bates, a live-in Nanny and her employer Dexter McIver and the attraction the two have for each other.  The conflict starts when pregnant nineteen-year-old Nina begins to develop feelings for Dexter a man who is seventeen years her senior.  Nina and Dexter continue to platonic relationship throughout her pregnancy, but after Nina delivered her daughter Callie, things with Dexter began to change.  By then Nina suspected that Dex cared for her as much as she cared for him. Conflict arises when Callie’s father comes into the picture threatening to drive a wedge between Nina and Dexter.

What is your writing process? 
I’m structured, so outlining is my preference (4-Act Structure), but I have been known to have ‘Pantser’ tendencies.  
More times than not, I start out with a plot in mind and the story starts to develop from there. I then begin to breakdown different scenarios/plots until I discover one that is most appealing. About the characters, I actually plan out the protagonists well, but the supporting characters develop along the way.

What was the hardest part for you when working on your book? 
The hardest part sometimes is working on the four-act structure which is the framework for my eBooks.  As time consuming as the four-act can be is it an excellent tool for authors to utilize as it provides a roadmap for writing a book logically.
On the back end of writing is editing, of course but we won’t even touch that subject as we all know how painful editing can be.

What influenced or inspired you to write? 
When I was eleven years old I discovered a box of Harlequin romances stashed in my grandmother’s closet.  Consequently, that winter break I spent countless hours sitting in my living room couch devouring the books, I couldn’t get enough of them. It was then that my imagination was challenged.  So I’d have to say that I was inspired by my grandmother in an indirect sort of way. 
Was there a scene that you didn’t add or you removed in your finished work? 
Yes, recently while working on the 2nd Edition of Snowed In I stripped three scenes totaling 1.5K+ words because my beta readers suggested I remove for better flow and cohesiveness.
Do you have a favorite character (from you're book)? Why?
Yes, Noah Nevins. Nevins is thirty-three years old, tall, rugged, loud-mouthed business man and he is one of the main characters in one of my recent anthologies, To Have and to Hold. I like Nevins because the in the story he is depicted as a confident, self-assured man yet when it comes to love Nevins acts just as insecure as the next guy.

Do you already know what to write next? Can you tell us? 
Yes, my next eBook novella is labeled Captive in the Game (release date: 9/30/12). This story is a fictional tale about a young couple who have worked together for years and become casual lovers. After some on the job drama and divorce scandal with their respective partners the casual lovers realize that what they had all along was in fact much more than just a passing fling. 
The inspiration for this book came from actual events, so the book is loosely based on a real life story.

Where can we find more information about you and your books?

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Do you have any last words?
Yes. Thank you so much Patricia for featuring me on your blog.  I hope to return the favor in the very near future.

Maria it has been pleasure learning about you, your writing techniques and about your books. I look forward to reading Captive In The Game.  I look forward to visiting your blog, thank you for the invite.