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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Broken Circle Of Life by T.L. Bliss

Broken Circle Of Life by T.L. Bliss

Brief description:

"Broken Circle of Life" is a heartwarming story about a young girl (Grace Elizabeth) who has a viciously cruel mother (Lisa) and has her daughter (Lynnie) taken away from her.  Lisa has the ability to treat Grace Elizabeth in a way that a normal mother would never even consider doing to their child.  When Grace Elizabeth and Lynnie finally reunite, both worlds change completely.  Grace Elizabeth realizes that Lynnie has been caught in Lisa’s lies too.  Lynnie tries to make sense of the way Lisa treated Grace Elizabeth and soon realizes the reason why Lisa had been so cruel.  Throughout the story, there are secrets unrevealed, truths told, lives lost, new beginnings, and ends with an unexpected twist of fate.  You will understand more of the saga as you read through this enlightening book that asks will a little love, a little pain, a little praying, a lot of truth telling, faith building, tears, joy, and heartache make the broken circle whole again?

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