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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga, Free Chapter Nine

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga 

Chapter Nine

The next day Jacki goes for a walk early in the morning, praying that Ricky is still asleep. Oh si, his carro is there. That means that he didn’t stay out all night, thinks Jacki smiling strolling down the walkway.girl-fashion-photography-love-cute-Favim.com-636608_large
Si now I’m going shopping with Jessy. I want to get some cute outfits, thinks Jacki. She walks into her casa going directly to her room to make a list. Jacki walks out of her cuarto looking for Jessy. “Mama that smells awesome. Where’s Jessy?” asks Jacki getting some milk.  “I’d like to go to the mall.”
“Mi hija, Jessy had to go to work. She has an appointment with a señora that wants to redecorate her casa. She will be back after lunch,” replies Mama Ana smiling.
“Okay, I will wait for her. I will read my romance novel,” says Jacki taking a bite of her breakfast burrito.  “Mama this is real delicious, gracias.”
“Mi hija, did you have fun last night at the party?” asks Mama Ana smiling. “How is Angela doing?’
“Angela is doing great. I did enjoy myself. We both had lots of fun,” replies Jacki blushing. “The party was full of chicos.”
“Oh si, did you meet a good Chico?” asks Mama Ana nodding, observing Jacki. I wonder why Jacki is blushing. Did she like a particular Chico, contemplates Mama Ana with pleasure.
“Si mama, there were several nice chicos. I did dance a lot,” replies Jacki smiling. “Mama I’m going to my room to read.”
“Si mi hija, you relax. I know that you work hard all week,” says Mama Ana smiling cleaning up the kitchen.
Oh dios mio, I can’t allow my mama to learn about Ricky and what happened. I was so embarrassed and upset that I was lying to my mama, thinks Jacki walking into her room.
She walks over to her cama and lays down thinking of Ricky. I wonder what he’s doing Jacki getting readytoday and if he’s thinking of me. I bet that he’s forgotten all about me and is now with another chica, thinks Jacki wiping her tears. She falls asleep, emotionally exhausted.
♥ ♥ ♥
Damn it all to hell. I need to see my hot muñeca. Last night was not enough, I need her, thinks Ricky looking at his shaft in the mirror.
Oh yeah, she really marked me. It was awesome watching her sweet mouth on me. Ricky grins examining all the marks that she made.
I wonder what she’s doing. The only reason that I’m feliz is because I know that she lives somewhere around here, and she works for la familia. I also know that she 
doesn’t sleep around. Si, she’s exactly what I always wanted. She’s hermosa, smart, and drives me locoOh si, she’s mia, only mia for eternity.
Ricky takes a quick shower making sure to wear a t-shirt under his shirt. I don’t need to have my Mama noticing all of these love marks, thinks Ricky grinning. I’m so hungry.
Ricky walks down the hall and into the kitchen. “Buenos dias,” says Ricky to his padres and her hand. “I thinking of going to the mall,” says Ricky sitting down next to Tony. “Do you want to go Tony?”
“Okay, I need to buy some biker boots. Mine are all messed up,” replies Tony taking a bite of his bagel. “Where did you go last night? You got home late.”
“Buenos dias mi hijo,” says Papa Javier nodding at his eldest hijo observing his joy.
“Si mi hijo, buenos dias,” says Mama Lupe smiling.
“I went to my amigo’s birthday party. I thought it was going to be only a dinner party. That’s why I didn’t take you locos with me,” says Ricky grinning. Oh yeah, that wouldn’t have turned out great. I wouldn’t have had the chance to make love to my hot muñeca, ponders Ricky.
“Mama where are las bebes?” asks Tony looking at his mama. “I thought that Claudia was home this weekend.”
“No mi hijo. Claudia has training and Vero is in Europe,” replies Mama Lupe.
“Ricky, Christian and Alex want to go to the club,” says Tony turning to look at Ricky. Hmmm, he’s acting weird. He’s taking his sweet time to respond. He’s usually on it.
Okay I’ll go,” replies Ricky nodding. Oh damn. I don’t really want to go. I want to hunt down my hot muñeca. But I don’t know where she lives. He closes his eyes and sees her hermosos eyes and awesome smile.
Ricky spends the weekend at home and hanging out with los primos. He ignores all the phone calls from las viejas locas. He spends time with his padres and primos.
Early Monday morning Ricky is anxious to get to work. Yeah, I need to get to work and see if I can see my hot muñeca. Damn I need her. It was incredibly hard this weekend. All I could think of was having her in my arms and in my cama, ponders Ricky parking in his parking spot.
He quickly walks towards the elevators praying that he runs into Jacki. Damn it all to hell. I know that she’s here in my building and I can’t look for her. This is pure hell, ponders Ricky walking to his office.
Ricky walks into the elevator and pushes the button. He gets off the elevator. Well it’s still early. I’m going to work out and get my frustrations and need out. I can’t stand being this hot for her, thinks Ricky.
He drops off his portfolio at his office and grabs his bag leaving his suit jacket in the office. He quickly strides down the hall towards the gym. Oh si, the gym is empty, thinks Ricky walking to the men’s locker room.  Not noticing that Jacki is there. She’s is in the restroom adjusting her hair.
She walks out of the restroom and runs into Ricky. He quickly holds her close gazing into her hermosos eyes. “Don’t run from me. You’re driving me loco and I need you,” says Ricky gazing into her huge hazel eyes full of pasión.
Jacki returns his gaze, responding to his need. Si, I want him again. I need him, thinks Jacki getting closer to Ricky without thinking.
Ricky moans, taking her mouth in a deep hungry beso. He picks her up and Jacki wraps her legs around his waist returning the hot beso. She holds on to his shoulders. 1c6a67bf27459bf6c3cd8811d88b95aeHe enters the men’s locker room heading to the special room for massages. He walks into the room and kicks it close. He locks the door taking her to the massage table.
He puts Jacki on the edge of the table, pulling up her sport bra. He feels Jacki move her hand into his shorts, stroking his hot throbbing shaft.  He moves down to her sweet nipples, devouring one with hot pasión and caressing the other breast.
“Oh yeah, I need you,” moans Jacki wrapping her hand at the base of his shaft and with the other hand caressing the crown.
Ricky moves his hand down and pulls off her shorts, pushing her back onto the table. “I need to taste your hot heart,” moans Ricky lapping up her sweet honey, and sucking her delicious heart.
“Si, more,” moans Jacki pulling him closer and wrapping her legs around his neck.  “Oh si, that feels awesome.”
Ricky goes crazy with pasión, devouring her sweet hot heart, and rubbing his face. Oh yeah, I love her smell, her taste, thinks Ricky.  He looks up into her passionate face and watches her play with her beautiful breasts.
“You’re so incredible and I love your sweet heart,” says Ricky pushing down his shorts with desperation.  He pulls her closer to the edge of the table and plunges deep and
fast into her hot heart taking her quick. “Oh yeah muñeca, your hot heart is amazing.”
Jacki gazes into his hermosos green eyes and sees his hot pasión. Si, he’s beautiful and I love his shaft, thinks Jacki pulling him down for another hot beso.
Ricky takes both of her hands into his and gazes deeply into her eyes as they reach

After a few moments, Ricky slides 
out. He picks her up and goes to the shower in the room. They take a shower making love again with hot passionate hunger. their release together, touching and bonding their almas.
“I need to hurry and get dressed. I have to start to work.” says Jacki pulling on her clothes blushing. Hmmm, this is so embarrassing. We made love again and this time I wasn't drunk. I know that I can’t blame it on the alcohol. I’m such a wanton, thinks Jacki looking at his delicious aroused shaft. I still want more.
Ricky watches her get dressed and also recognizes that she still wants more. He walks over to her and pulls her into his arms, kissing her deeply.
Oh si, he’s awesome, thinks Jacki grabbing his hot shaft. She moans with pasión, loving to feel him in her hands.
Ricky pulls her up unto the table and pulls down her shorts to taste and devour her heart with hunger and desperation.
Jacki holds onto his head and pulls him closer to her heart. “Si, I want more.” says Jacki loving his mouth on her heart.
He’s dazed from pasión, Ricky loves her. Damn she’s so hot, I love that her heart is waxed. I never realized how hot it is.
He sucks her precious nub, and laps up all of her sweet honey. She drives me loco and I’m high on her taste, thinks Ricky. He then takes her not holding back his hot pasión.
Jacki holds onto Ricky with amor and satisfaction. He loves making love with me. I wonder if he truly likes me more than just for a few times, thinks Jacki.  “I have to get to work,” says Jacki looking into his eyes, blushing.
Ricky smiles and pulls away. “Yes, I have to get to work. I need to get your information. You’re driving me loco,” says Ricky looking down at the tattoo.
Oh yeah, it looks hot to see my name on her hip so close to her sweet heart. I know that she’s mia, only mia for eternity. Why doesn’t she give me her name and the information that I want? I need her near me, ponders Ricky looking up.
“I have to hurry, look what time it is,” says Jacki sliding off the table and running into the shower. Damn it, it’s late. I need to hurry. I hope that no one is in the gym, contemplates Jacki. She quickly showers and walks out dressed.
Ricky looks at her with frustration. There she goes running off again, thinks Ricky. He watches Jacki put on her shoes. She turns and walks over to him, pulling him down for a hot beso.
“I need to see you later tonight.” says Ricky watching her leave. “I want to have lunch with you.”
“We can talk later, I have to go,” says Jacki looking at the clock.
Ricky goes and takes a shower. He hurries back to his office. They didn’t work out at the gym, but they both satisfied their hunger.
Jacki has a hard time concentrating at work and keeps thinking of Ricky. Uh, he said that he wants to see me later. Should I believe that he’s interested in me? I don’t know if he’s for real. I love making love with Ricky, thinks Jacki biting her lower lip. Ricky marked her neck and several other areas.
Jacki and Ricky didn’t see each other for lunch. Ricky couldn’t go looking for her. Damn it all to hell. My hot muñeca is driving me loco. I don’t know where to call her. I need her.  All I think about is her sweet heart. She has me all worked up and I can’t work, thinks Ricky running his hands through his hair. Ricky looks out the window praying to see her outside the building.
The next few days Ricky is unable to get near Jacki. She didn't go to the gym in the morning or in the afternoon. Ricky had meetings that went passed the lunch hour. This is so damn frustrating, I haven’t seen her. I have come in to work early and gone to the gym. I have also gone looking for her after work. She is not showing. I wonder if she’s sick or if she changed her mind about us, ponders Ricky. He walks away from the window to walk to his bathroom. He takes a quick cold shower.
Jacki is walking to her carro late in the evening after finishing up her work. It has been real busy and I haven’t had time to work out. I wonder if Ricky has gone to the gym. Hmmm, did he look for me? I miss him. I need him. It’s so hard at night when my body wants him near and inside. I’m always aching for him. I’m so wanton, contemplates Jacki.

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